Rung Step

The Ladder Rung Step



The Rung Step is a revolutionary product that turns any extension or straight ladder into a comfortable, safe, stable platform. The Rung Step is designed for contractors and workers that spend much of their day standing on ladders. The key benefit to the Rung Step is reducing fatigue in your feet by expanding the width of the foot support while standing on a ladder.


  • Designed for use with extension or straight ladders only.
  • Can be used on Round or D-Rungs.
  • Not for use on Step Ladders.
  • Protrudes only 3” allowing you to easily ascend or descend to another rung without having to move the Rung Step each time.

Product Specs:


  • Reduces worker fatigue by expanding foot support
  • Easily attachable and lightweight
  • Makes work easier while using a straight ladder
  • Provides more stability while using an extension ladder
  • Light weight and strong extruded aluminum only 3 pounds
  • Small compact design 3” x 18” x 6”
  • Easy to install
  • Turns an uncomfortable ladder rung into a stable and feet-smart platform

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