Pro Roofter Kit

Pro Roofers Kit

The Professional Contractor Roofer’s Kit includes:


  •  Full Body Harness with 5-Point adjustment, tongue buckle/grommet leg straps, spring-loaded friction buckles on shoulder straps for quick and easy adjustment that stays in place, rear lumbar straps provide security against rear worker release.
  • Adjustable, Shock Absorbing Lanyard  allows worker to shorten the length of the lanyard to decrease free-fall distance, Surelock™ connector.
  • Premium, pliable 3-strand, 5/8” poly-dac rope, combines the superior abrasion resistance of polyester with the economy of polypropylene Premium Captive Eye Surelock™ in the eye of one end ensuring no loss of connector for rope.
  • Self-trailing Rope Grab, advanced technology design enables the rope grab to automatically lock in place in case of a fall while absorbing much of the generated energy. Easily attached, detached and repositioned at any point on a vertical lifeline.
  • Sturdy, Reusable D-Ring Anchor is easily installed and removed from trusses or sheathing, allowing repeated uses from job to job. Fits any roof peak up to 12/12 and can also be mounted perfectly flat.
  • Convenient transport and storage bag.

Meets all applicable standards for fall arrest, including OSHA, ANSI and the stringent ANSI Z359.