Fall Protection Tie Down Kit


Fall Protection Tie Down Kit for Retractors

 PART NO. 3000D1-X or 3000D2-X


This kit includes our top quality Craftsmen Harness, a D-ring extender (a must have for SRL’s), a 30’ retractable and a Swivel Anchor (standing seam roof anchor (3000D2-X) or a metal roof anchor (3000D1)) for standing seams, R&B deck, or wooden structures. Now you can keep your retractables in line with your work, with no alterations or add-ons for retractors up to 110 feet.

Product Specs:

129IW-XX-  Fully adjustable Iron worker Harness

Fixed back and 2 removable side D-rings

341MR-XX- Swivel Easily installed on Type-R, Type-B

or flat metal roofs 22 gauge or thicker

340SSRC-XX- Swivel adjustable for metal roof seams

(24”, 30”, 32”,36”)

Both swivel 360 degrees

530RLCD-30-G- 30’ Retractable with quick action

braking system. Meets or exceeds industry standards

200WDEXT-18- 18” D-ring extender with double-lock top

Note and Warning:

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